Artist Statement


In my work I am concerned with constructing new, semi-scientific or subjective systems that might be different from what is traditionally accepted.


Starting usually with collecting information, found objects, thoughts, images and ideas I then proceed to create an order, formulating a new context for the objects/topics that I work on. I do this by placing them in new surroundings that might be foreign to them or by transforming their shape or content. The position of an object defines its importance.


I am closely involved with natural objects or phenomena that we cannot easily capture, but that are around us and are part of how we define ourselves as human beings.


The idea is to always research new links that constantly form and reform themselves rhizomatically. My work could be compared to a curiosity cabinet, a natural history museum, a mindmap network, the internet, or a “slip box”. I have a strong interest in the surrealistic notion of how objects and thoughts are connected on a non-visible level and only circumstances and context can reveal the full potential of each of these objects.


I produce collections I call “Museums”, consisting of notebooks, images, drawings, film-fragments and found objects, as well as drawings called “Maps of thoughts”. In this non-hierarchical structure of my work the research is as important as the final piece and is allowed to be visible in a final presentation.


For the “Museums”, recent multimedia performances as well as the “Maps of thoughts” I need to orchestrate the single parts of the work so that they function together but also question each other. The research I am doing is always trying to find a new form, a new translation of the plurality of impressions we experience to capture them in images that are consistent.