VHWH: Das Teil
(VHWH: The Part)
In collaboration with Veronica Wüst.

By transforming ourselves into hard disk drives during this performance, we reflect on the interactions and mutations between humans and machines. As the title suggests, it is always the seperate parts of something larger, that stand in the focus of our attention. May this be text-framents, bodyparts, extracts, sherds or splinters of a memory. VHWH: The Part talks about artificial brains, the transfer of knowledge and the different possiblities to connect thoughts with each other. The performance is composed in three rounds and the texts and images are drawn by chance.


VHWH: Das Teil – Performance

20 minutes,
HD-projection, colour, sound,
ca. 2 x 3 m,
TV-projection, lamp, 2 standing boards, 2 foam cushions, paper roll



VHWH: Das Teil – Installation


VHWH: Das Teil – Drawing

Ink on paper, each 20 x 30 cm

10_Ohne Titel 73
11_Ohne Titel 74
12_Ohne Titel 75
13_Ohne Titel 76
1_Ohne Titel 63
3_Ohne Titel 65
5_Ohne Titel 68
6_Ohne Titel 69
7_Ohne Titel 70
8_Ohne Titel 71


VHWH: Das Teil – Research

Research and film-extracts from the performance